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This week the PLGS welcomes

Tom O'Neill (Ireland)

to their debut PLGS round

We also welcome back old friends


Goodbye and best wishes for a safe return for


The True Spirit of Golf
(With grateful acknowlegements to John Mason)

The Golfer’s Prayer

O Lord, I would a golfer be!
Where par is 4, I seek a 3;
Where par is 3, my goal is 2;
But, failing that, an ace will do.

On all par 5s, I aim for 4
A 3 would make me praise thee more.
Alas though, Lord, such scores it seems
Are nothing more than wishful dreams.

So, when I shake on the 1st tee,
One straight shot I ask of thee.
Let me not slice it out of bounds
3 off the tee destroys my rounds.

Let me not hook and trouble find,
For such disasters blow my mind.
Nor let me top it thirty yards
And run big scores up on my cards.

Preserve me too from fiercest rough;
This game's already hard enough!
Nor let me stray into a burn
And find I have not lost my turn.

Do not let me bunkered be,
As sand will be the ruin of me.
And, if I hit a little thin,
Stop my ball right by the pin.

O let my nerve be hard as steel;
Let my hands be blessed with feel;
Let my putts be firm and true;
Down in one – at worst, in two.

And, if my prayers shall all be met,
Then I will act with etiquette:
All my divots I'll replace
Pitch marks? I shall leave no trace!

So, let my fortune be well-starred
And keep those bogies of my card.
Just one more favour, Lord, I seek –
Can I play this way each week?


The 19th Hole Beckons

From the first to the last, golf should be a blast;
As we hasten our way to the bar.
Where tales may be told, by the young or the old,
Past, current or ne’er to be star.

In a euphoric state, it’s the place to relate
How we played better than we just scored.
How we gave it a clout, how we saw it lip out,
On a course all but put to the sword.

Of a draw – not a hook – it’s a tale of bad luck
Of balls resting in divots be damned;
Or in rough much too deep; or in bunkers too steep,
With too much or not enough sand.

You’ll hear more than twice, that it wasn’t a slice;
It was simply another power fade.
While that chip that was thin, but that somehow fell in,
Was the best shot that ever was played.

With so much to relate and so much to debate,
How could we ever get bored?
As we tell of our duels and argue the rules
In the hope of some reasoned accord.

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s the best place to be,
This abode of the golfing go-getter.
So, by my reckoning, with all of this beckoning,
The quicker we get here the better.

And amid all this banter, you’ll find just one ranter -
It’s me – with a message – OK?
With a 19th like ours, golf shouldn’t take five hours,
So, let’s all put an end to slow play.




Tournament News


Masa Sugaya Tops on Mother’s Day

The weather for our most recent golf outings has been very comfortable, but today at Treasure Hill it was about as perfect as you would want. Overcast with a cooling breeze and just 30 seconds of a shower, very pleasant. This was the main topic of conversation after the round, and rightly so. After all, the golf wasn’t worth talking about.
What is it that makes otherwise very good golfers become wrecks when they get to Treasure Hill? It’s all in the head perhaps. On a golf course presented in terrific condition with grassed fairways, rough that is not easy and good rolling greens (did have one complaint that the greens are too hard and won’t hold the ball), and even at holiday pricing, it is well worth the 45-minute trip.
With all that and great weather, it was Masa Sugaya hitting the top score of the day with a steady 34 points. He has been close enough recently, and cracked it today.
Colin Service was offered advice last week of a new way to get extra distance off the tee, and did well for second place on 33 points, while Paul Chesney kept up his latest good form to take third spot.
Although, upon our arrival, the carpark was overflowing, as per the previous time on a public holiday, we were sent off early from the first tee and had a clear run all the way. Some excellent organization from Treasure Hill Management.

Near pins: Chris Barker (6), Paul Chesney (13) Dave Arataki (17) whilst the long second hole stayed unsullied throughout.

With just 18 players out today it was one division, three places.

Winner ………………Masa Sugaya (21) …………34 pts
2nd Place………….......Colin Service (16) ………...33 pts
3rd Place…………........Paul Chesney (20) ……….32 pts

Best Front Nine (non-winners) ……Charlie Gauci ……...19 pts
Best Back Nine (non-winners) ……. John Anderson…….19 pts

Although Colin Service figured in the placings, he was awarded the “silly hat” due to being completely disorganised in the morning, leaving home without wallet and other needs, and needed a loan to get him through. Most un-Colin like.
Presentations were delayed while players savoured the succulent chicken, onion and chips with brown onion gravy, the golfers’ meal,
Alan Walker has had both hats now, today the “wig” for winning (or losing) a countback for last.


Toby Glass Shoots a Solid 40 points

The weather is still well and truly on our side, so sixteen golfers set off at the later time of 10.00 am for the trip to Pattana. One of our regulars surprised me by saying this was his first time at this course, whilst giving high praise for a “wonderful” golf course. He has been to many courses here, but was awed as soon as he walked into this clubhouse, and even more so upon seeing the first fairway.
Today we played B+A courses. The A course has been closed for maintenance for a couple of weeks and, although there was a little sand on some of them, the greens where in excellent condition. There were some, however, who thought they were a tad slower than is usual here.
For some, it is always a bit daunting to start on B1, with water both sides and in front of the green, that’s the challenge. Our first three placegetters are no exception as they had 1,1,0 points to start, but as we will see, got it together from there on.
Toby Glass led the way for his second Green Jacket in a month with a terrific 40 points. On this course that is very solid scoring. Kevin LaBar has been moving further up the ladder with each outing this trip and held second spot with a fine 38 points.
John Pierrel is so consistent that he is always somewhere around the podium, no matter which course he plays, and took third with 37 points.
To beat handicap at this course you need to play very well and these three did that. Just a mention of Jayson Schembri who equalled his handicap with 36 points to finish just outside the placings.

Near Pins were on each Par 3 and they were won by:Chris Barker (A3), Kevin LaBar (A8 + B3), Phil Davies (B7)

Winner …………. Toby Glass (16) ………..........40 pts
2nd Place…………Kevin LaBar (14) ……………38 pts
3rd Place…………. John Pierrel (12) ………..........37pts

On Monday, forgetful Alan Walker had to wear the “silly hat” for leaving his bag at the Bar. Forgetting bags must be contagious, as today Maurice Roberts caught the disease. Frantic phones call to the bus in case somebody picked it up. Then Phil turned back to the club, and there it was in the restaurant right where he left it.
Meanwhile the “bus people” decided to force a vote for MR to get the “silly hat”. There was more noise than a sitting of Parliament as Maurice protested and Phil led the calls for a vote. Phil had the numbers and the vote was unanimous.
The aforementioned Alan Walker was once again wearing the “wig” and wants to buy it to keep. The players were also appreciative of the promotion at Pattana right now. A free beer or drink at the completion of the round. Thank You Pattana.

McGuigan Tops Tight Finish

Another week ended for the golfers of the Pattaya Links Golf Society with a visit to Green Valley to play a stableford competition from the white tees on a course well prepared. Fairways were in good condition but were a little slow as a result of some recent rain but greens were running at a good pace. Only five groups were present today, meaning a single flight, but there was still enough quality to make a tight competition with only two points spanning the first five places.

In fourth was Len Jones with 32 points, losing on countback to recent winner Paul Chesney in third. Second place went to Aussie Mike Tottenham with 33 points leaving Irishman Donal McGuigan the victor with 34.

Near pins went to Dave Arataki (5), Kevin Rogers (8), Chris Barker (13) and Paul Chesney (16) whilst Kevin Labar's excellent front nine of 19 points took one of the consolation prizes, as did Maurice Roberts whose 17 points on the back nine was the best of the non-winners.

The absence of the wig winner meant no presentation was made, much to the relief of Tip Briney who was also in the frame and a day which began with some chaos with transport saw Mr Phil show some uncharacteristic charity by withholding the "silly hat" award for the day. He will be much more vigilant next week however. Be warned golfers!




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A View From the Nineteenth

Jesuit John I've been expecting a society hole in one for quite some, as we from Len's old group have never gone so long without one. Congratulations to Kevin for showing how it's done. As these things often come in groups, I'm now confidently expecting at least another this side as Christmas; but I'm just not going to to say who's going to get it in case it puts the mockers on them...but it could be a special "furkin" day.








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