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Members' News

This week the PLGS welcomes

Alan Weir (Scotland)

to his debut PLGS round

We also welcome back old friends

Simon Kendall (England)
Olivier Tahon (France)
Micky Tighe (England)
Robbie Taylor (Australia)
Ken Grimes (Australia)

Goodbye and best wishes for a safe return for

Kevin Timbrell (Australia)


The True Spirit of Golf
(With grateful acknowlegements to John Mason)

The Golfer’s Prayer

O Lord, I would a golfer be!
Where par is 4, I seek a 3;
Where par is 3, my goal is 2;
But, failing that, an ace will do.

On all par 5s, I aim for 4
A 3 would make me praise thee more.
Alas though, Lord, such scores it seems
Are nothing more than wishful dreams.

So, when I shake on the 1st tee,
One straight shot I ask of thee.
Let me not slice it out of bounds
3 off the tee destroys my rounds.

Let me not hook and trouble find,
For such disasters blow my mind.
Nor let me top it thirty yards
And run big scores up on my cards.

Preserve me too from fiercest rough;
This game's already hard enough!
Nor let me stray into a burn
And find I have not lost my turn.

Do not let me bunkered be,
As sand will be the ruin of me.
And, if I hit a little thin,
Stop my ball right by the pin.

O let my nerve be hard as steel;
Let my hands be blessed with feel;
Let my putts be firm and true;
Down in one – at worst, in two.

And, if my prayers shall all be met,
Then I will act with etiquette:
All my divots I'll replace
Pitch marks? I shall leave no trace!

So, one more favour, Lord, I seek –
Can I play this way each week?


The 19th Hole Beckons

From the first to the last, golf should be a blast;
As we hasten our way to the bar.
Where tales may be told, by the young or the old,
Past, current or ne’er to be star.

In a euphoric state, it’s the place to relate
How we played better than we just scored.
How we gave it a clout, how we saw it lip out,
On a course all but put to the sword.

Of a draw – not a hook – it’s a tale of bad luck
Of balls resting in divots be damned;
Or in rough much too deep; or in bunkers too steep,
With too much or not enough sand.

You’ll hear more than twice, that it wasn’t a slice;
It was simply another power fade.
While that chip that was thin, but that somehow fell in,
Was the best shot that ever was played.

With so much to relate and so much to debate,
How could we ever get bored?
As we tell of our duels and argue the rules
In the hope of some reasoned accord.

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s the best place to be,
This abode of the golfing go-getter.
So, by my reckoning, with all of this beckoning,
The quicker we get here the better.

And amid all this banter, you’ll find just one ranter -
It’s me – with a message – OK?
With a 19th like ours, golf shouldn’t take five hours,
So, let’s all put an end to slow play.




Tournament News


This Mountain Scares Nobody

A good field of thirty-five golfers set out in nice, cooler conditions to a golf course that Links Golf has not been to in a long time. With High Season pricing making some others a bit pricey, we looked to try something a little cheaper, such as Mt. Shadow, so why not give it ago?

There were varying degrees of opinion about the condition of the course. No, it’s not pristine like many others, but fairways were cut nicely, the bunkers are a trap, excuse the pun, and the rough is as I remember it, very high and lots of it. Oh, the greens. Once were known as very good and having some pace, but today described variously as grainy, “Velcro” and inconsistent. What happened? But, with all of that, many players were able to overcome any negativity and post some very good scores.

The “A” flight saw Alan Thomas prove that he is a six-handicap scoring 38 points to take first place. He was followed closely by two players on 37 points where Simon Kendall won the countback over Maurice Roberts. Kevin LaBar was back in the winner’s list taking fourth place with 36 points.

The “B” flight (16+) gave Huw Phillips his second Green Jacket in a fortnight, but he had to withstand a countback, as Patrick Poussier also scored 39 points, that’s good going. Jim Ferris has had a great run of late and continued that form, scoring an even 36 points to win yet another countback, this time relegating Niall Caven to fourth.

Mashi Kaneta and Frank Riley recorded the best half games.

Huw Phillips did something silly in the morning but, as he eventually won the Jacket, Phil though Graham Pratt’s worst nine should get the “Silly hat”.
Mickey Tighe was a deserved winner of the “wig” Finally, the Clubhouse. This is really in need of some work, and particularly the toilets, where some were dirty and having no water for flushing. Surely that can be fixed quickly, we hope.

Phillips Holds the Field Over a Barrell

The Pattaya Links Golf Society left Soi Buakhao in high spirits on Wednesday, 12th December, savouring a visit to Greenwood to play a stableford competition in three flights, cut at fifteen and nineteen. leaving those on twenty and above in the third flight. The day was splendid with a cloudy sky and a cooling fresh breeze and the course was in excellent condition, with the reopening of the long-missed B nine a bonus.

A quality field of 44 golfers set off on time from the B and C tees and progress was good. Scores in the second flight (16 - 19) disappointed with Willy Brown managing fourth place with 32 points on his return round, a couple behind Colin Service, again on form, with 34 points. The top two were separated by countback with Paul Chesney's better C nine score taking the win ahead of Derek Phillips, both with 35 points.

The third flight saw an eclectic mix of scores as Murray Edwards plodded to fourth place with 27 points, one behind third placed man Alan Spencer on 28. In second was Irish golfer Frank Riley with 34 points but the man of the moment was Aussie Bryan Barrell whose 39 points represented his best score in more than six years golf with the group. Bryan is a very patient golfer! Well done mate.

The top flight was treated to some fine golf as American-Thai golfer Zack Tsisri posted 35 points on his debut round with PLGS for fourth place. Third place went to Simon Kendall who played another fine round with 36 points. Runner-up was Alan Humphries with 39 points, his best this trip, leaving fellow Welshman Huw Phillips to "lord it" for the second time this week with a sublime 41 points. When Huw is on a hot streak he is hot.

The usual technicals were contested, in two flights with near pins going to Derek Phillips,Alan Spencer, Jim Ferris, Kevin LaBar, George Muller,Huw Phillips and Dave Ritchie, The longest putt on hole B9 went to Paul Chesney.

Consolation awards went to Carl Luke for the best B nine score of 19 points and Colm Lawlor with the best C nine score of 20 points. The wig sat comfortably on Graham Pratt's head and Niall Caven won a rare silly hat for his uncharacteristic front nine score of seven.

It had been an impressive day of golf with PLGS, on a quality course and there will surely be more to come as high season progresses. Enjoy!










Other News


Sign-Up Sheets

Sign up sheets are now displayed for up to a month before a fixture as current demand is greater than experienced before. Thank you for your cooperation.

Important Notice

Golfers are reminded that a confirmed handicap needs to be shown before competition entry is accepted.

PLGS and Handicaps

As we are a competition based golf group the access to accurate current handicap details is essential to preserve the integrity of our competitions. Unfortunately for a few weeks now this access has been severely restricted with the PSC's ongoing problems with its online facility. Therefore PLGS has decided to encourage all golfers to join Birdie (Thailand) and use its handicapping system. It is the same USGA system as currently used by PSC and the introduction of the new unified system in 2020 will offer no challenges to the professionally maintained system. Access is available 24/7 and all PLGS competition scores are now being sent to Birdie as well as PSC. Adjustments are iimmediate and a confirmatory email is sent whenever a member's score has been added.

Birdie membership is free and an app is available for download on its website at

All PLGS golfers are therefore asked to join Birdie.







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