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Members' News

This week the PLGS welcomes

Willie Brown (Wales)
Mark Faught (USA)
Gabriel Enright (Australia)
Dave Ritchie (USA)

to their debut PLGS round

We also welcome back old friends

Peter Wilson (England)
Kevin Cumming (Australia)

Goodbye and best wishes for a safe return for



The True Spirit of Golf
(With grateful acknowlegements to John Mason)

The Golfer’s Prayer

O Lord, I would a golfer be!
Where par is 4, I seek a 3;
Where par is 3, my goal is 2;
But, failing that, an ace will do.

On all par 5s, I aim for 4
A 3 would make me praise thee more.
Alas though, Lord, such scores it seems
Are nothing more than wishful dreams.

So, when I shake on the 1st tee,
One straight shot I ask of thee.
Let me not slice it out of bounds
3 off the tee destroys my rounds.

Let me not hook and trouble find,
For such disasters blow my mind.
Nor let me top it thirty yards
And run big scores up on my cards.

Preserve me too from fiercest rough;
This game's already hard enough!
Nor let me stray into a burn
And find I have not lost my turn.

Do not let me bunkered be,
As sand will be the ruin of me.
And, if I hit a little thin,
Stop my ball right by the pin.

O let my nerve be hard as steel;
Let my hands be blessed with feel;
Let my putts be firm and true;
Down in one – at worst, in two.

And, if my prayers shall all be met,
Then I will act with etiquette:
All my divots I'll replace
Pitch marks? I shall leave no trace!

So, let my fortune be well-starred
And keep those bogies of my card.
Just one more favour, Lord, I seek –
Can I play this way each week?


The 19th Hole Beckons

From the first to the last, golf should be a blast;
As we hasten our way to the bar.
Where tales may be told, by the young or the old,
Past, current or ne’er to be star.

In a euphoric state, it’s the place to relate
How we played better than we just scored.
How we gave it a clout, how we saw it lip out,
On a course all but put to the sword.

Of a draw – not a hook – it’s a tale of bad luck
Of balls resting in divots be damned;
Or in rough much too deep; or in bunkers too steep,
With too much or not enough sand.

You’ll hear more than twice, that it wasn’t a slice;
It was simply another power fade.
While that chip that was thin, but that somehow fell in,
Was the best shot that ever was played.

With so much to relate and so much to debate,
How could we ever get bored?
As we tell of our duels and argue the rules
In the hope of some reasoned accord.

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s the best place to be,
This abode of the golfing go-getter.
So, by my reckoning, with all of this beckoning,
The quicker we get here the better.

And amid all this banter, you’ll find just one ranter -
It’s me – with a message – OK?
With a 19th like ours, golf shouldn’t take five hours,
So, let’s all put an end to slow play.




Tournament News

(We are very grateful to John Anderson for his entertaining and informative tournament reports)

What’s This Crazy Game Called Golf?

There we were, on a golf course presented in very good condition. Carts were allowed on the fairways, so we “played the ball as it lies”. There were some damp patches around and, of course, the usual dampness around the front of most greens, only the rough caused some concern.
The “B” course greens played well, if a little slow. The “A” course greens had been lightly sanded but had no ill effect on the way the putt rolled.
Weather was warm for most of the way, but as dark clouds rolled in later in the day a strong breeze made things more pleasant, and no rain.
So with all being well, what happened to the champions of recent times?
Bob Watson (prolific winner), Larry Slattery (two wins in a week) and Phil Davies (just got back to good form) were all missing in action and nowhere the podium on this day.
Just shows how crazy this game is…
There was a battle for first place, with Jim Ferris putting in a very good effort to just pip Tommy Marshall on a countback. Both did well to score 33 points on a low scoring day.
Then another countback to separate two players on 32 points. Visitor Willy Brown got the nod over recently returned Peter Wilson to take third.
Only 11 players faced the starter after Maurice Roberts called in sick, and all completed the round in good time. This was helped by the fact that this excellent course seemed to have very few bookings. We still wonder why? Maybe high season will change all that.

Winner……...Jim Ferris ( 22)……………..33 pts c/back
2nd Place…..Tommy Marshall (8)….......33 pts
3rd Place…...Willy Brown (19)………......32 pts. c/back
4th Place……Peter Wilson (9)……………32 pts

Jim Ferris wore the Green Jacket for the first time, while Keith Melbourne just scraped in for the “wig” ahead of some illustrious company, very close behind and feeling nervous.

Bobby’s Birthday Bash is at Pattana on Friday Oct.20. This is a fun day playing Rainbow Tees, followed by a smorgasbord and live music back at Links Bar.

Closely "Faught" at Emerald

On Wednesday, 18th October the Links Golf Society took four groups to Ban Chang to play a stableford event on the Emerald course which was in surprisingly good condition after the recent storms. Fairways were well grassed and greens were consistent if only moderately paced. An empty course gave a feeling of millionaires golf and progress was swift throughout. Scores were tight with a USA duo contesting the top place. However in fourth place was Len Jones with 37 points, whilst Tony Browne and Tommy Marshall went to copuntback to decide second and third on 38 points, The runner-up honour went to the latter. The winner, playing off his handicap of five, was Mark Raught with 39 points. Consolation prizes went to John Harrison for his front nine score of nineteen and Maurice Roberts and Bob Watson for their shared back nine performance of 19. The losers wig was appropriately donned by visiting Aussie golfer Gabriel Enright at the end of a tight competiton throughout at Emerald

Bobby Watson's Birthday Bash

Bobby Wins Own “Birthday Bash”

Bobby Watson had a golfing party for his 60th  and 77 players came out to help him celebrate. It was a fun day, as it was decided to play Rainbow Tees. That is, Tee off Blue 3 times (max), White 6 times, Yellow 6 times and Red 3 times. Your choice when to use a particular colour. Tactics will win out here. There was a prize on every hole as well as flight prizes as an added attraction, but they all knew Bobby and why we were doing this.
Pattana  Golf Course was again presented well, as usual, and Management there is thanked for giving us a special price for the big day, as well as the assistance needed at times.
Although a couple of friends were giving us dire warnings of a lot of rain, we saw dark clouds in the distance, but a few droplets on the umbrella was the best the weather gods could do, thankfully.
We had great support from Dick Warberg and the Tropical Golf Group with almost 5 groups present, and also Colin Davis and his group from Colin’s Bar.
Playing a two tee start, with 9 groups from A1 and 11 groups from B1, it was an organizer’s/starter’s dream that all groups assembled and got away at their allocated time. On the A nine all were within one minute of their time. Congatulations and thank you to all.
What about the golf?
It was all about the Birthday Boy as the winner of “A” Flight and overall best score, Bobby scorched around Pattana in a superb 5 under par, 67 gross. How’s that for a 60th birthday celebration? That was good, but there were two others with fantastic scores in “A” Flight, as Paul Hack and Paul Funster fought out a countback, both with 43 points, Paul Hack (Hacky) getting the nod for second place. Dave Stockman took fourth place edging out Guy Stewart on countback, going to the last three.
Overall scoring in “A” Flight was way up, with many in the high thirties, yet couldn’t get close, but well played.

“B” Flight was also a tight affair, but the scoring was not quite that set by the senior flight. Pete Shaw is a high handicapper (29), but his tactics with the Tees worked well for him to score a good win with 37 points. Len Jones is in good touch at the moment and once again was in the placings, winning a countback to take second spot ahead of Jim Elphick, both on 36 points.
In fourth place was Nigel Perry with 35 points, winning a countback over Tony Browne.

There was a prize on every hole available, for various near pins, but three went unclaimed.

Winner..”A” Flight …….Bob Watson (3)………........44pts
      2nd Place………….....Paul Hack (13)………….....43pts c/back
      3rd Place…………......Paul Funster (14)………….43pts
      4th Place……………..Dave Stockman (8)………..41 pts c/back

Winner “B” Flight………Pete Shaw (29)……………..37pts
       2nd Place……….........Len Jones (28)……….....36pts c/back
       3rd Place……….........Jim Elphick (30)………….36pts
       4th Place……………..Nigel Perry (20)…………...35 pts c/back

We were a little later than usual getting back to Links bar, but when we did the party was in full swing.
Maurice and the girls and boys in the kitchen had the bain marie stocked up ready to go. All we needed was Phil to announce the many results for the day. He did that in his own unique style followed by a few brief words from Bobby Watson. They were brief and so it was on with the show. Just to finish off, we wished Happy Birthday also to Moon who was working hard in the kitchen, and  Graham “Buckers”.Buckingham.
A great day for the many who attended Bobby’s Birthday Bash.





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Sign up sheets are now displayed for up to a month before a fixture as current demand is greater than experienced before. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Special Events

Bob Watson's Birthday Bash is being held at Pattana on Friday, 20th October. The format is Rainbow Stableford and entries are being accepted at the Links now. Should be a good day with many technical prizes and the usual magnificent presentation buffet.

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